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DYI Bridal Hairstyles

When you are planning for your wedding you realize quickly how much the little details can add up! There are lots of ways to save money on your wedding. One great way is to DIY the bridal party’s hair and makeup!

On average, professional bridal hair + makeup will cost anywhere from $140-$200 per person. Most brides also have larger bridal parties than in the past, with an average of 8 bridesmaids. That could cost up to $1,600 simply for your bridal party’s hair and makeup, and that is not even including your ‘do or the trial run! That is also a hefty price to ask your bridesmaids to pay on their own as well!

It is possible for you and your girls to look stunning on your BIG day without having to dish over some major bucks! If you have a friend or family member that is great at doing hair, ask them if they can help you out! That could even be their wedding gift to you (hint hint!). You could even attempt to do your own hair. With so many You Tube channels, and hair tutorials online, you can watch, learn, and practice on yourself. Here are a few easy DYI bridal styles that can help you save some of your coins!






You have been doing this hair style since middle school right?! The great thing about buns and ponytails is their simplicity and easy to accomplish but, can have such an elegant appearance. This hair style can be very versatile! You can center them, pull them to the side, keep them tight and sleek, or style them messy. This hair style is also perfect to show off statement earrings!






Big Loose Curls:
This hair style may be one that you do often for your everyday look or different social occasions. Luscious curls will never go out of style. You can create different curls with hot rollers, curling irons, curling wands, and even a straightener! To add some pizzazz to this look you can throw in a sparkly barrette!








Half Up Half Down:
This style is super popular for brides! You can have the best of both worlds. Your hair can be held back out of your face but still showcase your gorgeous flowing locks. This is also a perfect hair style to pair with your veil. You can try adding in a side braid or a fancy braided headband to add some additional details to you look.







The Side Braid/Fishtail:
This is my personal favorite bridal hairstyle! It only takes a few minutes to create this stylish Boho look that is so popular for brides right now. As the night goes on and pieces naturally fall out, creating a wispy, dreamy feel to this romantic hairstyle. Adding a flower crown to this look would be the ultimate final touch!





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