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Cost Saving Tips for Weddings


Here at The Crossing, we host numerous weddings throughout the year. Typically 75% of the events we have on our events calendar consist of wedding ceremonies and/or wedding receptions. Weddings are expensive. To put it into perspective, the average wedding in North Carolina costs roughly $28,000. Most brides at The Crossing typically spend anywhere from $60-$90 per person overall. (Keep in mind – this does not include items like your wedding dress, photographer, floral arrangements, centerpieces, etc.) With an expense of this caliber, many brides are looking for ways to cut costs and get a bargain wherever they can. Based on my experience with weddings over the years, I thought this would be a great way to give people an idea of ways to save some money or put that money towards other parts of your wedding or new life together.


DATES: Saturdays are high traffic days for weddings which makes it difficult to get any sort of discount on the rental fee. Most venues offer discounted rates Monday-Friday and some even on Sundays. If your date is flexible and you are not dead set on having your wedding on a Saturday then it’s worth looking into.


Patrick and Laura Married-Reception Details-0027HEAVY APPETIZERS VS. BUFFET DINNER: Most weddings used to have a sit down dinner or buffet dinner offered, however the trend in weddings seems to be shifting toward heavy appetizers instead. Heavy appetizers are often a little less expensive versus having a buffet dinner or sit down dinner. Offering heavy appetizers for your guests makes the reception environment more like a cocktail party where your guests can mix and mingle. Caterers can help you choose some of the more filling appetizer options for your guests. By serving heavy appetizers, there also come some other cost reductions in other areas of the budget – linens and staff. If your venue charges for staff, typically when heavy appetizers are served, it does not require as many staff as a sit down dinner or buffet. Linens are another additional cost to some budgets – some venues include linens in the rental fee and others do not. Serving heavy appetizers eliminates the need for everyone to have a seat at a table which overall reduces the number of linens needed. For example, you could have more cocktail tables and less seated tables. You also eliminate the cost of linen napkins since they are typically not needed for heavy appetizers.

Haas-Spivey9CAKE: Wedding cakes can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars based on design, time spent, delivery, etc. Although they look great, most brides today have seemed to shy away from the giant tiered cakes. Bride’s today seem to just have a small cake to cut for themselves and offer cupcakes or have sheet cakes that can be cut and served. Purchasing cupcakes or sheet cakes that can be cut into slices is more cost effective option than spending the money on a giant tiered cake.


Bowers-Newton33ALCOHOL: Alcohol can make or break your budget. The questions always seem to be: Should I provide alcohol for my guests? If so, do we provide just beer and wine or beer, wine and liquor? Some brides choose to have a dry reception where no alcohol served at their wedding. Some brides will offer a cash bar at their wedding for guest to purchase their own drinks. Alcohol is sometimes a cost that brides are Most brides typically however will provide at least beer and wine for their guests. Some brides also want to offer liquor to their guests but without offering a full open bar. This is possible! A great way to offer liquor for your guests is by offering a signature cocktail served only during the cocktail hour. This allows you to offer the option of liquor for those non beer and wine drinkers. You can also tailor the cocktail around you and your fiancé’s tastes or wedding theme. The break-down of drinkers at a wedding is typically a third of your group will not drink at all, a third of your group will maybe have a glass of wine or beer with dinner and a third of your group will drink for the rest of those not drinking!

Please let us know if you have any questions about the cost saving tips we have discussed!


Mariah Chalk and Candace Tait
Event Directors at The Crossing


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