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Acoustic Syndicate To Play at The Crossing at Hollar Mill!

AcousticSyndicateTable-9e9b265208aa2f56d1793f72e0ac40f2576d1d9011f2550fe86e3fa4e5b8ece3We are excited to announce that Acoustic Syndicate will perform on Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 8pm!

Acoustic Stage returns in their new location, The Crossing at Hollar Mill with their opening concert featuring old friends Acoustic Syndicate.

Acoustic Syndicate carries on the newgrass tradition with their unique blend of rock and bluegrass. Cousins Steve McMurry (guitar and vocals) and Bryon McMurry (banjo and vocals),  and drummer Fitz McMurry (Bryon’s brother) along with bassist Jay Sanders create the core of Acoustic Syndicate. The deeply accomplished dobro playing of Billy Cardine now rounds out the sound of the group that has been making music for more than 20 years. Cardine’s  music gives the Syndicate a bigger, richer feel. “What Acoustic Syndicate does is so honest and homey it allows me to be this ribbon tying it all together and adding spice at the same time,” said Cardine. “They have such a down to earth quality to their music that in their own way what they do is virtuosic.”

Brothers Bryon and Fitz, along with cousin Steve, still farm the land in Cleveland County, N.C. that has been in their family since the 1700s. The impact of the years spent with their hands in the soil, growing wheat, soybeans, tomatoes and sorghum, has informed their music as much as the hours spent with their hands on their instruments. We are farmers,” said Steve about the McMurray men in the band. “We have a strong ancestral tradition and we will never give it up. In many ways it’s what gives us purpose and has much to do with who we are.” And it’s also why the band can bring such genuine home grown music from the field to the stage.

Acoustic Syndicate first appeared at Acoustic Stage nearly 20 years ago on February 14, 1998, with several appearances in the years that followed. Acoustic Stage is pleased to present the band for this special opening concert at The Crossing at Hollar Mill.

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