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About Highland Avenue

Highland Avenue Restaurant changed the culinary landscape of Hickory, North Carolina in 2013 when the farm-to-table restaurant opened. Highland Avenue has garnered regional and national praise for locally sourced foods. On any given day, farmers and purveyors are walking through the back door, arms loaded down with produce, cheese and meats from their North Carolina farms.

Highland Avenue is quickly becoming a destination for people who love good food. Located on the second floor of the beautifully renovated Holler Hosiery Mill, Highland Avenue pays homage to the city’s rich manufacturing history while focusing on Appalachian cuisine. Trout, oysters and shrimp; homemade pastas and breads; flatbread, chicken pot pie, and filet mignon are a few of the popular items you’ll find on the menu. The restaurant offers stunning, seasonal fare and provides guests with a taste of true Southern hospitality.


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Opening Gala to Support T.H.E., Through Healing Eyes April 2013

Farmer’s Feast to Benefit H.O.P.E., Helping Our People Eat June 2014

Hickory Soup Kitchen Annual Partner

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